From all reports, it appears that we are experiencing a rapidly developing flu season with the Covid virus continuing to be present as well.  While we have an extraordinary immune system to protect us from organisms that would do us harm, this system requires consistent nutritional support in order to do what it is designed to do.  The various elements that make up our immune system require a daily intake of a variety of nutrients in order to effectively protect us.

       For example, vitamin C has been shown to stimulate the movement of neutrophils and macrophages, as well as enhance T cell formation all of which battle against viral and bacterial infections. The trace mineral zinc is important to T-cells and natural killer cell (NK) formation.  Zinc has been shown to increase the ability of macrophages to digest invaders and to raise the level of interleukin-2 which in turn stimulates cytotoxic T-cells to attack invaders. This mineral is also necessary for the production and function of NK cells and antibodies.

       The trace mineral selenium is important to the production of antibodies and, like zinc, it is necessary for the production of interleukin-2. Selenium must be present in order for the body to produce an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme works in the body as a very powerful antioxidant.  Co-enzyme (CoQ10) has been found to dramatically increase the production of the antibody IgG.  This is the most abundant antibody in the body and plays a major role in the destruction of bacterial and viral organisms.

       Vitamin E, while known for its cardiovascular benefits, is also known to activate macrophages, and regulate dendrite cells which act as messengers between the innate and adaptive immune systems. The main function of dendrite cells is to facilitate the ability of T cells to vigorously attack pathogens.

       Vitamin A is important to the activity of macrophages and NK cells.  Vitamin D has been shown to increase production of broad-spectrum antimicrobial peptides.  Peptides are linked amino acids that perform specific functions in the body.  There are 200 known antimicrobial peptides which act in the body to destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the influenza virus.  

       Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that appears in two forms.  It is available from plants as vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and from animal sources as vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Both these forms obtained from dietary sources are converted by the liver into calciferol. Vitamin D3 is the more biologically active form of this nutrient and has been shown to be twice as effective in producing calciferol as is true of D2.

       The above listed vitamins and minerals are just some of the many nutrients that are critical to the development and maintenance of the immune systems response to the flu virus, Covid virus and many other pathogenic organisms that attack the body. We encourage you to ensure that you are getting a daily supply of these nutrients so that your immune system can be effective in protecting you from harm. 

       At Milk ‘N Honey we carry a variety of immune enhancing products.  Among them is Wellness Formula from Source Naturals and Clinical Essentials Immune and Virapro from the company Terry Naturally. These products provide many of the nutrients essential for immune support. These products are 20% off during November and December. Also available are Elderberry extracts, Quercetin, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Clinical Glutathione, Oscillococcinum, Lactoferrin and Colostrum.  All these products have been shown to support immunity.


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